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Mild Burns Building a Healthy Community One Individual at a Time.


Get Timely Help for Your Mild Burns

Gwinnett Urgent Care & Family Practice provides urgent care services with minimal wait times. Located in Norcross, we welcome you on a walk-in basis during normal business hours, 8AM to 6PM. If you need medical assistance for mild burns, our team can treat you.

Our local medical center has many perks:

  • Our staff members speak English, Vietnamese, and Spanish.
  • We accept most insurance plans.
  • Our services are affordable for uninsured patients.
  • We will see you with or without an appointment.

Visit us today to treat your mild burns. You can also call (470) 275-4911 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

*Call 911 in the case of major burns, which are deep and larger than three inches, cause the skin to be dry or appear charred.

Mild Burns Causes and Symptoms

Mild burns can happen in everyday life and their most common causes are thermal sources such as fire, hot liquids, and hot surfaces. Harsh and acidic chemicals found in certain cleaning products are also usual culprits. Extensive and/or unprotected exposure to the sun can also result in mild burns.

Mild burn symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Red and/or peeling skin

First-degree burns affect the top skin layer (epidermis) while second-degree burns impact both the epidermis and the lower skin layers (dermis). Symptoms vary depending on the type of burn, and they are often more serious during the first couple of days after the burn.

When to Go to Urgent Care for Mild Burns

It is often possible to take care of a minor burn at home. First-aid practices make a difference in relieving immediate pain and keeping the burned area free of infection.

How you can alleviate the pain at home:

  • Cool the burned area and apply lotion afterward
  • Remove jewelry or other tight items from the burned area
  • Don’t break blisters / clean the area of a broken blister
  • Bandage the burn
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever

Seeking immediate medical help for mild burns minimizes the risk of infection and other future complications. Timely care can speed up the recovery process.

You should see your doctor if:

  • There are signs of infection.
  • The person never received a tetanus shot or got their last booster more than 10 years ago.
  • The burn area is larger than two inches and/or is located on hands, feet, face, or genitals.
  • The pain increases.

In case of doubt, we recommend you go to urgent care to determine how serious the burn injury is. Healthcare professionals can also offer advice on how to treat the affected area appropriately.

If your mild burns require medical attention, come see us with or without an appointment. Call us at (470) 275-4911 or reach out via our online contact form for more information.


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